Sunday, October 05, 2003
Alex won Fame Academy. It's so nice to back a winner for a change. Without wishing to sound sorry for myself, I nearly always back losers: Jon Tickle, Nottingham Forest, Darius, my entire Fantasy Football team... My last experience of backing a victor was when Labour won the election, and look how that's turned out. Alex, however, is unlikely to wage war on Iraq or abolish student grants, and is more likely to release an album which will be part Coldplay and part unique. Talent won through. I just hope she doesn't become a puppet churning out cover versions.

It's a big day for music tomorrow. New Belle & Sebastian album plus new singles from The Strokes and Suede. A big day for music and an expensive day for me.

Tonight, somebody might shoot himself in the head live on TV. I was excited to read this, but then realised that it wasn't going to be Jim Davidson and lost interest.