Sunday, August 17, 2003

We want goals

The football season is back back back, and I'll quickly pass over Forest's 3-0 defeat to Reading and move on to the real topic of interest: Fantasy Football. Yes, MarkCity FC are competing in my office league. We had an auction the other night - 50 million quid each, a wishlist of players, mucho tension and sneaky tactics. I managed to end up with precisely one of the players I wanted, and that was Veron. My strikers are well-known friends-of-glamour-models Andy Cole and Dwight 'not quite as ugly as Ronaldhino' Yorke. Now, there are some who might say that Cole and Yorke are past it, but Andy Cole knocked in two past the hapless Wolves keeper yesterday, and with a goal from one of my midfielders, Paul Scholes, I was laughing. Until I realised that because I have a Wolves defender, Dennis Irwin, I'd lost loads of points because the Premiership newcomers let in five goals. So after one day I'm languishing in mid-table obscurity.

Go MarkCity!

A sweet but sickly rat

Syd and Nancy took their first trip to the vet's on Tuesday. He gave them antibiotics to tackle what looks like mycoplasmosis, a horrible respiratory disease that can be triggered by exposure to wood shavings. Guess what bedding the crappy pet shop were using? Syd is still fine, but Nancy's wheezing like a creaky door. Poor little thing. Despite the sickness, both of them are much less shy now - they both love coming out of the cage and exploring the bed and sofa, sitting in our laps or on our shoulders. Syd is a true star, leaping out of the cage the moment you open the door, running up and down your arm. Although she went a bit far and ran up my trouserleg... no, we didn't have to give her the kiss of life. Nancy particularly enjoys pooing on the quilt and then settling down on Butter's lap. Aah, it's like a proper family. I just hope poor Nancy gets better soon.