Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Today was the hottest day ever recorded in London. Ever! It was 35.3° C in the capital today, although it felt more like 53° in my office. However, my boss, being a very kind, wonderful and warm human being, let us go at 3 o'clock. Hurrah, I thought. I can put the afternoon to good use and go to the pub. Butter had other ideas. She instructed me to collect and carry a huge flat-packed chest up the hill. Miraculously, I'm still alive. I had to rest about 100 times on my way up the hill. This was after travelling on the hottest train this side of... well, I was going to say India but Hell would be a better example. All I and my fellow commuters could do was sit and ferment in our own sweat juices, enjoying the odd breeze that floated in through the windows. The trolly man was selling warm cans of beer and looked as if he wanted to kill himself. International readers might be mind-boggled to learn that this week trains in England have been running at a maximum of 60mph in case the rails buckle. I'm so glad I don't work for Connex any more. Sigh... his whole heat thing is probably a sign that global warming is flaming out of control and that soon we'll all be floating around in a post-polar-meltdown ocean, or dodging endless forest fires.

Time to move swiftly on.

Left-right: Butter, Mark, Ron, Scabbers

Have you seen the pics from the forthcoming Harry Potter film? Terrifyingly, Harry now looks more like me than ever. He's even got a track top like mine, with stripes down the sleeves, and although Hermione doesn't look much like Butter, apart from the blonde locks, they share a number of characteristics. Number one: they're both bossy. Two: they're both swots. And three: they both hang out with boys with hair that won't lie flat. BTW, I read The Order of the Phoenix and loved it, despite being cynical about it when it first came out. Sorry, JK, I take it all back.

And now, the big news. We've got rats. I wasn't going to announce it until I'd managed to get them to pose calmly for photos, but that might never happen. Also, Butter has leant our camera to one of her friends. Anyway, the little beasties are called Syd and Nancy, a pair of does, and they are sweet as. Syd is lively and has already performed one daring escape, hiding behind the bookcase for half an hour. Nancy is shy and quiet and spends most of the time hiding in her tube. There'll be lots more about them in the weeks to come.