Friday, August 22, 2003
Is it me or has the whole world gone spam crazy? Before yesterday I got one or two junk emails a day. Today I've been getting one or two every five minutes! The people responsible will hopefully burn in their own little corner of hell, where they will be forced to delete unwanted emails for eternity (whilst having red hot pokers shoved up their jacksies, of course). I've been working at home today because the workmen outside our office cleverly drilled through our ADSL line. But it meant I got to spend two extra hours in bed... bliss. A day without enduring the living nightmare that is the daily commute. I bought my annual season ticket this week. £2852! I could have bought a new iMac, the services of a couple of wenches and 3 or 4 Wolves players for that. Sheesh. Right, back to shovelling my way through the spam mountain.