Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Fame at last. Well, a miniscule dose of nano-fame. The Beeb sent out their Book of the Future announcement email today, and guess who the lead item's about... Here's the first 2 paragraphs:

Dear Contributors,

Welcome to the newsletter for the Book of the Future. You may have already heard that there are 76 articles to be published in the book, but there are some added extras, too. In this newsletter you'll get the low-down on some of the contributors and an insight into the world of those people who are changing the world for the better. This is also where the BotF Team do the Full Monty and bare all for a sneaky peek behind the scenes in the countdown to launch.

*** Researcher of the Week ***

Mark R Edwards ( wrote his article for the Book of the Future while living in Tokyo, where he worked for a year as an English teacher. In his contribution to the Book of the Future - Harry Potter and the Mortgage Repayments of Doom ( - he looks at how the Potter phenomenon spiralled out of control for both the central character and his creator.