Saturday, June 21, 2003

Give us a Tickle

It's been a sad week, a week of departures and fond farewells. First, Beckham left ManYoo for Real Madrid, which was bad enough. But now a real tragedy has occurred, the British public making a huge mistake. They've voted Jon Tickle out of Big Brother 4. And yes, I know I've criticised him a couple of times recently, but when his name was announced on Friday night it was like hearing the death knell for the series.

Jon Tickle - MarkCity salutes you.

There's loads of speculation over what's going to happen next. Will there be a swap with a contestant from South Africa or Australia? Will Anouska be put back into the house? Or somebody completely new? I have a feeling it could be Anouska, especially since she was missing on Friday night. But getting someone in from a foreign BB house would make sense, as they must be the only people with no knowledge of what's going on in the British BB.

The other big media event this week is the launch of Harry Potter 5. I was kind of half-tempted to go out and get it at midnight last night. In the end, I couldn't be bothered. I want to read it, but I hate to be part of all the hype. The HP books aren't that good, for God's sake! If you want to read kids' books, the Philip Pullman ones kick Harry's arse.