Friday, June 06, 2003
As so many mobile phone users like to annoyingly trumpet, I'm on the train. Of course, I won't be able to post this till later, but one day, all trains will be travelling wi-fi hot spots. Also, they will never be late and will be towed by flying pigs. I'm on my way home from my first ever visit to Cornwall, county of clotted cream (as my cousin Martin pointed out) and surfers, although the only surfing I did was on the net. I am now able to use Dreamweaver, which is very exciting. Well, it's exciting to me, anyway.

Cornwall is indisputably beautiful, and the train journey - on the Penzance-Paddington line - is astonishingly picturesque. The track runs along the rocky coastline; you almost feel as if you could hang your arm out of the window and trail your fingers through the choppy water. Plump grey clouds hang low overhead and the only word I can think of to describe the countryside is verdant. Which is a good word. On the way down, I went for dinner in the Pullman carriage (on expenses, of course) and found myself sitting opposite a pair of Lords, fresh from the house. Actually, fresh is not a good word. Mouldy would be more apt. They seemed to be having a 2-man Most Ludicrous Combover competition (did you know: in Japan, combovers are called barcodes; how cool is that?) and one of them proceeded to eat a rare steak with his three remaining top teeth. They droned on and on about 'the House' and 'ghastly foxes'. Put me off my falafel.

I've just had a call offering me tickets to go and watch the Big Brother eviction next Friday (13th). I registered on their website but never thought I'd get any. I'm really hoping Justine goes this Friday, then it will be exciting if Jon Tickle, comedy genius, goes the night we're there.