Monday, May 05, 2003

It's not like this at the Groucho

Last night the BBC hosted one of their Test the Nation specials. This time, rather than finding out how much you loved your partner you could find out how brainy, or otherwise, you are. Unfortunately, it clashed with I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here on which there was a fantastic rebellion where the hungry has-beens and never-wases fell out of their prams and started shouting, 'I want to speak to my agent.' Great stuff. Anyway, I did the IQ test online and discovered that my IQ is higher than the average mechanic, city trader and, indeed, person. Hurrah! Interestingly, the statistics show that the lower your income, the higher your IQ. Which means I should be the head brain at Mensa. Although maybe I lose a few points for my taste in TV shows.