Tuesday, May 13, 2003

I know, I've been a bit slack the last few days. But I've been busy, and not just playing Zelda, the Wind Waker (which is possibly the best video game ever and the reason why I bought a Gamecube). Butter is back and we're flat-hunting. We're going to be moving to Tunbridge Wells. Yes, from the neon-drenched, cutting-edge, futuristic mayhem of Tokyo to a sleepy town that is not ashamed to have the word Royal before its name. In fact, Tunbridge Wells is about the poshest place you can live if you're not a royal. I hesitate to use the word snooty... OK, I hesitated, but now I'm going to use it. The Wells is well snooty. Even the staff in McDonalds have a superiority complex. Not that most residents of the Wells would dream of going to Maccy D's. Including me.

Anyway, we checked out a couple of flats last night and have 2 more to look at today. We need to get in asap so I don't have to commute from Hastings to London. Commuting from the Wells is going to be bad enough. Butter will be able to walk to work. But that's okay - it means that whenever she complains about her job or feeling tired, I'll be able to say, 'Well, at least you don't have to commute...' We're also going to be doing lots of shopping this week, spending the money we managed to save in Japan. We need a bed, bookcases, a DVD player... all the essentials.

I start my new job on Monday, so I have a few more days of lying in bed and being an unemployed slob. After that, my life will enter a brand new phase. But, rest assured, MarkCity will continue.