Wednesday, May 07, 2003
The British railway system is a truly wonderful thing. I was supposed to meet my friend Louise tonight for a swanky night out in Soho - at the Groucho Club, dahlings. Had this transpired, I could have dazzled you all with tales of spotting minor celebs and being brought bowls of crisps by wonderfully attentive waiters. That's right - crisps. However, I - and by extension you, dear reader - have been denied this pleasure because of the @$%*-ing trains. We got stuck outside a tunnel near Sevenoaks for an hour and a half before finally moving. Unfortunately, we moved backwards instead of forward. Realising that if I took the replacememnt bus I wouldn't get to the Groucho until about 10:30, by which time Louise would have scoffed all the crisps, I decided to come home.

I bumped into an old friend on the train, Salena, who is another aspiring writer, as well as being a poet, singer and DJ. She DJs on Resonance FM under the name Salena Saliva.