Saturday, April 05, 2003

Wow! Look at these - the latest lounge and bedroom wear for the discerning lover of vicious cuddly toys. Gloomy Bear slippers! Found these on eBay and, amazingly, no one has bid yet. Oh, if only my birthday wasn't such a long way off...

Butter is getting better at tennis. After several 6-1 thrashings, yesterday I had to save three match points to eventually beat her 7-5 (hey, we don't do three or five set matches). If she keeps improving at this rate, it'll be me on the receiving end of a drubbing next week. Still, that underarm serve can be quite tricky to deal with. This is what my life consists of at the moment: job applications, tennis, telly, trying to work out if I can afford to buy luxuries like pints of beer and Heat magazine (no, according to my girlfriend), writing (a bit) and more job applications. I've been home four weeks now. The weather is glorious. Japan is a receding memory.