Tuesday, April 15, 2003
My personal guide to teaching in Japan has been published on ELT News. And there's a picture of me on the home page! Ah, fame! If Hello! or OK! are interested in some shots of me lounging around at home, they should contact my agent.

Despite reports to the contrary, the Iraqi Information Minister's site is still online. In fact, it looks like he's up to his old tricks:

Actually, I hope he's right this time. I don't want West Ham to go down. While we're on the the subject of teams that aren't as good as they used to be, Forest play tonight, and barring a drastic end-of-season wobble, they should be in the play-offs soon. The glory days of Brian Clough are long gone, unfortunately. Cloughie was my boyhood hero, along with Adam Ant. I really knew how to pick 'em. One's a corrupt alcoholic, and the other's a gun-waving nut. At least Han Solo never let me down.