Monday, April 21, 2003
I've added a couple of links on the left. Bamboo Life is the weblog of a Japanese girl who lives close to where I used to teach in Tokyo. Strange Place is run by a guy who's going to Japan in May. I found both sites because they had linked to MarkCity. One of the nice things about the Blogosphere is that people help one another, adding links, etc, without wanting anything in return. Lovely, innit? Although we're all obsessed with how many hits we get. The main reasons people come to this site are to read my Gloomy Bear page, after searching on Google, or to read the Teaching in Japan article. Hopefully, a few of them stick around to read the diary pages. It's slightly baffling how this site's audience has doubled since I came back to England.

The end of the football season is proving to be almost unbearably tense. This is what I want to happen:
1) Nottingham Forest will cling to their place in the play-off zone, then beat Sheffield United in a thrilling final, glory days returning to the City Ground.
2) Manchester Utd will beat Real Madrid 2-0 this Wednesday, Beckham scoring with a last-minute free kick. Zidane will trip over his feet and Ronaldo will have another strange fit. United will go on to win the Champions League.
3) On the last day of the season, Arsenal will lose to Sunderland and Man U will thrash Everton, clinching the Premiership.

What will probably happen:
1) Forest will lose on penalties to Wolves.
2) Real will beat Man Utd 2-0 then go on to win the Champions League at Old Trafford.
3) Man U and Arsenal will win all their remaining league matches and Arsenal will win on goal difference.