Monday, April 14, 2003
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Here's another reason to spend endless hours online: Blogshares, a game in which you buy and sell shares in blogs. The value of the blogs goes up and down depending on the number of incoming and outgoing links. MarkCity's registered but not available to trade yet.

Remember Dear Raed, the blog from Iraq that became the latest internet phenomenon - possibly the biggest since the I kiss you site, back in the Stone Age? Dear Raed hasn't been updated since 24 March. Hopefully this is because the internet is down in Baghdad and nothing more serious. In the meantime, the war has thrown up another cult hero, the Iraqi Information Minister, as seen on We Love the Iraqi Information

My littlest sister is home from uni for Easter. Last week, she and her football team played a tournament in Dublin. Last year, they were victorious, and met Beckham, Ryan Giggs and, rather less excitingly, the Neville brothers on the way home. This year one of their players tripped drunkenly up the kerb on their first day, spraining her ankle, and they had to play the tournament with ten women. They still got to the semi-finals, by which time they were down to nine after one girl got whacked in the eye. The injuries could have been worse. Some women in a Dublin chip shop taught them a song that went 'Ooh ah, up the ra, I said ooh ah, up the ra'. They walked around singing it without knowing what it meant. Then somebody told them it means 'Up the IRA'. Oops.