Monday, April 28, 2003

Book recommendation time: Happiness by Will Ferguson. It's a satire on self-help books and is very very funny. The author's Canadian. Which links very nicely to this...

I've received my first despatches from my girlfriend who, for those of you who aren't keeping up, is in Toronto for two weeks, training for her new job. Over to Butter:

"Flight was fine, no one in the seat next to me, but there was a guy in the seat next to me (? - Mark) who had a genuine blood sugar attack during the flight and had to have oxygen. V exciting. Had to wait 10 mins at the airport for the car to pick me up. It turned out to be a limo - a real one. It had 4 windows down each side and had champagne flutes and a telly inside. I was speechless. Apparently all the ordinary cars were in use, so they had to send the limo. I felt a bit sheepish getting out of it at the hotel."

Ah, to think, last year she was driving a Renault 5 (the Buttermobile), and now she's swanking around in a limo!

I had an email from a MarkCity visitor asking if I knew where to buy pink bloody-clawed Gloomy Bears. I got mine at a character fair in Tokyo just after Christmas so I'm not sure. If anyone has any ideas, please leave a comment.