Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Apple have just released a new iPod, and very shiny and lovely it looks too. Annoyingly, the new one has more games on it, but are we loyal owners of previous iPods able to download these? Hah! Even more annoyingly, they've also launched their online music store, through which you can download 200,000 songs for 99 cents each. No, I'm not annoyed that they've launched this service. It looks fab. It's just that it's only available to people in the US. I guess we British Mac owners should be used to it by now. The stupid thing is, no matter how many times Apple disappoint me with their atrocious customer service, I could never consider buying a PC unless Apple went bankrupt (which they might if their customer service doesn't improve). I suppose we Mac fans must be masochists. It's a bit like having a beautiful girlfriend who treats you really badly, but you keep going back for more because, well, she's pretty and when she's good, she's very, very good.

Speaking of girlfriends (but not ones that treat you really badly), Butter has now been in Toronto for 4 days, meeting bigwigs, eating cheese omelettes and swimming in the hotel pool. I, meanwhile, am going mad with boredom. Yesterday, I was so bored that I visited my grandad and spent an hour watching birds visit his feeder. Actually, my grandad is very nice and has many interesting tales about the war, which are still interesting the tenth time you hear them. It's the eleventh telling that really does your head in.