Saturday, April 26, 2003
After a few days of worry, and trying to decide whether her new job is worth dying for, Butter is going to Toronto. Actually, she made the decision after talking to her new bosses, who assured her that Toronto is safe as long as you don't allow any doctors with close links to Hong Kong to sneeze on you. Or something like that. The residents of Toronto are raging at WHO's decision to tell people not to go there. So she flies tomorrow morning. She's a lot braver than wimpy Elton John and cowardly Billy Joel, who've cancelled concerts in the city. OK, maybe it's actually a lucky escape for Toronto, a reprieve from having to entertain the rock geriatrics, but couldn't they have just borrowed some face masks from showbiz pal Michael Jackson?

Staying on the subject of horrible things that threaten to spread across the globe and consign us all to a fate worse than death (no, not Michael Jackson), I saw an ad today for teaching jobs in China. "Positions available in Guangdong." I wonder why.

Nottingham Forest are in the play-offs. Arsenal could only manage a draw with Bolton. All is not doom and gloom.