Thursday, March 20, 2003
So war has begun... one of the advantages of being an unemployed slob is that I can sit on my arse and watch BBC News 24 all day. Although it gets bit dull after a while. Apparently, the town centre here is swarming with protesters, as is London, where people are starting to stock up on water and baked beans in case of a terrorist attack. I'm going down the pub to forget about it all, appreciating that I'm lucky I don't live in Baghdad and that I'm able to do such things.

I was in London again yesterday for another interview. After seeing the seedier side of the city last week, I visited the more salubrious quarters of the capital yesterday: Islington and Richmond. The sun was shining and everyone seemed to be full of spring's joys, despite the impending war. London is such a great city to be in during the springtime; it made me realise how sad it is that Tokyo is so devoid of green spaces. There are parks there, sure, but there's very little grass. And you have to pay to visit the really nice places, like the Iris Garden near the Meiji Shrine. Still, at least Tokyo is unlikely to be targeted by terrorists.

Good news from LV about Killing Cupid, which for those of you who aren't keeping up is the novel we had optioned by the Beeb. The news is that the BBC are going to take us out to lunch v soon, which, I'm assured, is 'a good sign'. Great stuff.