Monday, March 24, 2003
My latest interview was at 11:00 today in High Brooms, just outside Tunbridge Wells. I had to choose between two trains - one which would arrive an hour early, the other which would get me there with 20 minutes to spare.

I'd better get the first one, I said. Connex trains are always late.

Don't be stupid, said Butter. Why on earth would it be late leaving Hastings at that time of the morning?

O...kay, I replied, deciding to take her advice.

It was 20 minutes late.

All the job advice sites say that the golden rule of interviews is DON'T BE LATE. Which means that if I don't get the job I can blame Connex rather than myself. And I've decided that I'm going to have to stop writing about my job quest before it becomes too depressing and humiliating. (Cue woozy special effects, clock hands spinning forward, calendar pages flying across the room as we skip forward in time.) September 18th 2003 - Just had my 38th interview since I've been back from Japan... think I stand a good chance this time... There's nothing wrong with being a toilet cleaner...

POWs on Iraqi television. Crashing helicopters. Dead ITN reporters. 'Friendly fire'. Burning oil wells, injured children, corpses in the papers. The horror, the horror. In an attempt to counter all this negative imagery, here's a nice picture that I took yesterday at the East Dean Sheep Centre

Aah! 'ickle 'ambs!

Apparently, the hottest blog on the net right now is this fantastic and fascinating site written by a blogger in Baghdad - Dear_Raed.