Tuesday, March 11, 2003
I've been unemployed for 2 days and I'm bored already. I can imagine how being without work for a long time must drain all of the energy and life out of you; sitting and watching TV all day, staring dejectedly at job ads in the paper, listening to the rain beat against the window. Daytime TV is a kind of technological vampire - one of those particularly nasty vamps that keeps you alive so it can feed off you, in a dazed, semi-undead state. But the good news is that I've got an interview tomorrow - it looks like an excellent job, for a cool company, so keep everything crossed for me. Save me from the TV vampires...

I saw a shop today called House of Tat - on the window it says 'Loads of Krap inside'. Ah, smalltown wit.

The Emily the Strange postcards are on their way to Northern Ireland, Canada and the States.