Tuesday, March 18, 2003
I received a surprise farewell present from my former colleagues in Tokyo today - a Nova Usagi, which is a pink rabbit with a bird's beak. Hugely popular with kids, but not a patch on Gloomy Bear.

Speaking of Gloomy, most of the traffic coming to this site has visited after searching for Gloomy Bear on Google and Yahoo. I had more hits yesterday than ever before. OK, I'm not in Raymi territory yet, but MarkCity is definitely becoming more popular. Most of my hits yesterday came from a Japanese pop culture forum called FRUiTS on Live Journal. I've just discovered that to join Live Journal you need a referral from a current user - so if anyone comes here from Live Journal and wants to invite me to join - Please Do! My email is on the left.

I've finally made a start on my new novel. It's a break from things I've written in the past. It's not a thriller. It's possible that the body count will be zero. It will be set in Japan and is about relationships, friendship, love and infidelity among the foreign community. I wanted to call it Foreign Bodies but Hwee Hwee Tan beat me to it. Cow. It's a nightmare trying to come up with titles; I can pass many a sleepless night running the contents of the OED through my head. When the book has a bit more shape and content I might post some extracts on here and see if anyone can think of a good title on my behalf.