Monday, March 03, 2003
Am writing this through the fog of a killer hangover - last night, Helen and I had our farewell karaoke party. It was indescribably fantastic. We had a huge room with a dancefloor and radio mics, allowing us to run and jump around like we were on Top of the Pops. There were 20 of us, and between us we spent 80,000 yen (400 quid). Highlights were Pump Up The Jam, Wannabe, Hey Jude, Billie Jean, My Way ( I did it myyyyyy waaaay!) and a final farewell triptych of Que Sera Sera, Freedom and Livin La Vida Loca. God, it was great, and I feel so sad about saying goodbye to all my friends here. It's like leaving university, but worse. I've met so many cool people this year, from all over the world, from the suburbs of Melbourne to the Detroit hood, and I'm going to have to stop typing now before I start filling up...

OK, I've recovered a little now. I've only got internet access for 3 more days and have masses to do - packing, cleaning, shopping, more goodbyes - so if I'm a bit slow at answering emails this week, forgive me. But this blog will definitely continue after I get back to the UK - I just hope I can still find interesting stuff to write about.