Wednesday, January 15, 2003
We're going home! Booked our tickets today, with Korean Air. We fly back to London on March 7th. Nearer that time, I'll write a full, reflective and, no doubt, nostalgic, look back at the year just gone by.

This means, of course, that we will now have to find new jobs. Shudder. And this blog will have to change its focus. So there are lots of exciting events coming up in MarkCity . . .

I contributed my article about being veggie in Japan to another Japanese site, called Japan Box. It's interesting, and scary, coz people can give you a mark out of 5 and leave comments (just like you can on this site, except hardly anyone ever does). So far I've had several people say the article is cool, one has moaned coz I mistakenly said tofu originated in Japan (so shoot me; and yes, it comes from China) and another raving about the benefits of a pure-meat diet. As I have long suspected, the net is a stomping ground for nutters and sociopaths.