Wednesday, January 08, 2003

The legendary Hello Kitty vibrator

Yes, it really exists, and is an official, licensed Sanrio product. Although they don't actually market it as a vibrator - it's a shoulder massager. Of course. I've added some links on the left - the J-list site sells the 'shoulder massagers' along with lots of other dodgy products, and less-dodgy stuff too.

Last night, we went to the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Building for a night-view of the city. 45 floors up - it was jaw-dropping; one of the most spectacular sights you can imagine. Looking down at the roofs of skyscrapers, lights shining and pulsing, like brilliant jewels spilled from some celestial treasure chest. Incredible.

I've spent much of today working on a guide to being vegetarian in Japan - you can see the results here.