Friday, January 10, 2003

Just felt like sticking a picture of Butterbird on a mega-packed Tokyo train on here. Tonight, on the way home from work, I was on a train that was twice as crowded as this - bodies shoved together, the stench of stale alcohol wafting through the carriage. Hmmm . . . Delightful.

Had an email this morning from Simon Moran, the author of We Are Nippon, the book about the World Cup which I mentioned below. He asked me to point out that the book - which is highly entertaining, funny and insightful; a great book for anyone interested in football and/or Japan - can be purchased directly from the publisher:

We Are Nippon

And after that product endorsement, I want to mention cloning. It's been my top warm-up subject in lessons this week. There's an excellent article on the Guardian site today:

Far off in the distance, beyond Antinori and the Raelians, beyond the massive risks of cloning as presently understood, it is just about possible to imagine a time when human reproductive cloning is safe to use. If that time ever comes, should it be?

Click here, to read it.