Thursday, January 30, 2003

If you read the NME you'll know all about the New Rock Revolution that's going on at the moment. It can be hard keeping up with everything living in Japan, but my coolest student - Hi, Kaori! - lent me the NME CD that came out at the end of last year with all the new bands on it. The Libertines, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Thrills, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - along with The Strokes these bands are really making music exciting again. I especially like Interpol (above) whose album, 'Turn on the Bright Lights' is moody and sweeping, very reminiscent of early Cure or Joy Division. One of the problems with the New Rock Revolution is that all the bands sound like someone from the past. BRMC - Jesus and Mary Chain. The Datsuns - AC/DC. And so on. But is that really a problem? If they sound good and look cool, it doesn't matter, right? Right? Go on, leave a comment. I dare you!

So what's been going on in Japan? Everyone's still fretting about North Korea. Nice to know that George and Tony are going to sort them out after they've finished with Saddam. WW3, anyone? Bring back the Cold War, all is forgiven. DoCoMo, the biggest cellphone company in Japan, have had to withdraw one of their most popular phones coz they kept catching fire. And an English teacher in Tokyo has been arrested for posting nude pix of his ex-girlfriend on the net. It wasn't me! More here.

One of my students told me that Hitachi has been given a contract to build bullet trains in England. But what will they run on? Expect to see them in 2038. If we haven't been nuked by then.

I've been getting loads more hits over the last couple of days. OK, so I ain't gonna be threatening Yahoo anytime soon, but it's nice to know someone's reading this stuff. Or glancing at it, at least.

For my adult readers, I stumbled across a very cool, and sexy, blog today called Raymi the Minx, written by a woman in Canada who likes taking her clothes off for the camera. All tastefully done, of course. Be warned, there are masses of pics - most of them clean - and the page takes a long time to load. But I bet this is the most-followed link from this page today. Hey, would I get more hits if I posted nude pix of myself? Um...

Finally, my 'Auntie' Jo sent me a huge package of chocolates, cookies and sweets which arrived today. Hog heaven, here I come.