Saturday, December 28, 2002
We break up, we break up, we don't care if the school blows up... Ah, that's what we used to sing at primary school, and it's what I was singing today, as I now have a whole eight days break. Woo-hoo! We'll spend five days in Kyoto, then return to work on Jan 6th. After that, I guess it'll be back to England, and job-hunting horrors.
Have just realised I'm missing the Tokyo Character Expo, an exhibition of the latest trendy toys and characters, like the Gloomy Bears above. Teddies with long plastic claws...very sinister. Before leaving Japan I'm going to have to rush around the city stocking up on cool T-shirts and funky objects. Found a website called Ningyoushi that sells them worldwide, for top dollar. My fave character is still Afroken, or Afrodog, but he seems to be completely out of fashion here.

I'm reading the second part of Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy at the moment, 'The Subtle Knife'. It's incredible: so emotionally powerful and gripping. In the book, humans have 'daemons' - animal companions that they can never be parted from; this animal is actually the external embodiment of their soul. The first book is called Northern Lights. I recommend it to everyone.