Wednesday, December 11, 2002
The Wakayama District Court sentenced Masumi Hayashi to death on Wednesday (today) for killing four people, including two children, and poisoning 63 others by lacing a curry stew with arsenic in the city of Wakayama in 1998. Japan has a very low crime rate, but the crimes they do have tend to be a bit . . . weird. Like the curry murders, for which the aforementioned woman was sentenced to death today. A few years ago, a 14-year-old schoolboy cut off a younger boy's head and left it outside the school gates. See here.

One of my fellow karaokers, Aimee, has put pictures of the guilty (um, guilty of noise pollution, not poisoning and decapitation) on Sony ImageStation. You have to be a member to look - it's free, but a hassle, and therefore inferior to Apple's fantastic .Mac service . . . but then, I have to pay for that one. Anyroad, if you want to see me and my colleagues singing (with no sound, unfortunately), check this out.