Friday, December 27, 2002
So Christmas is all over. Got a really cool Trans Continents watch from Butter, some nice presents from home, including a Mooks robot T-shirt and, importantly, English chocolate, which makes me want to drool like Homer Simpson. The watch and T-shirt go together well in a retro-futuristic kinda way. Went into Tokyo for Xmas dinner – Good Honest Grub in Ebisu had a veggie option for 6000 yen (£30 – takai desu!) The city was its usual manic self. And we ate so much that we felt like a couple of stuffed turkeys. I really missed England this week.

Have just been watching the news. TV news is sooooo boring in Japan – they’ve had the same lead story for months: the people who were abducted by the North Koreans and returned earlier this year. Okay, so it was a big deal (to the Japanese anyway), but do we really need a daily 20-minute update on what the father of abductee A bought in the supermarket today? The other big story of the year was about a seal who strayed into the mega-polluted Tama River and became known as Tama-chan. Actually, Tama-chan is a lot more interesting than the goddamn abductees. There’ll probably be a film about him soon: Tama-chan versus Godzilla. I'd watch it.