Wednesday, December 04, 2002

The Golden Turd - High above the streets of Tokyo, the Golden Turd squats atop the Asahi Brewery Building (good beer, crap symbol), shining in the sun.

This is my first post to MarkCity. I'm an English Teacher in Tokyo. Actually, teacher is probably not the right word, as that conjures an image of someone with qualifications, skills and a big blackboard rubber. I'm really an instructor, whose job entails chatting to housewives, salarymen, and the odd smattering of cool students, cute office ladies and j-dudes. They mash some English words together and I correct their grammar and word order. I've been doing it for 9 months and have 3 months to go. I'll be writing a lot more about English, ahem, instructing, over the coming weeks, as well as lots of stuff about Japan, writing, music, movies, my lovely iPod, my lovelier girlfriend, and the daily struggle that is being a veggie in the world's most carnivorous country.