Friday, December 20, 2002

After the technical nightmares of yesterday, I'm feeling a bit more at ease in the modern world: the iPod has indeed miraculously fixed itself. It looks like the battery needed to drain. And at the risk of this blog becoming a blog about my blog (yawn!), I managed to fix most of my problems, except I no longer have any archives at all and have no idea how to fix it. If any Blogger experts stumble across this site and can advise me, please add a comment or email me.

My students were amazed that Gackt was the most-searched-for Japanese man on Google. "He's too beauty," said one. Yesterday was draining - uncommunicative students (you try having a 45 minute conversation with someone who will only say "yes" or "no" and doesn't understand most of the things you say), hyperactive kids, my nose running in every lesson, which is a problem here, where blowing your nose is akin to throwing a kitten onto the train tracks. Actually, they probably wouldn't care about that. There's so much fur on display here - I had a student yesterday with a couple of dead rabbits hung around her neck. It's sickening. But our New Year break is fast approaching. Can't wait.